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Hi, I’m Gandalf. For years now, I’ve been spending time in Japan and expanding my knowledge of the country’s culture and art. This has led to fluency in the Japanese language and lengthy experience in working with Japanese clients.

Today I use those skills by working as a freelance translator with a knack for art, interaction and the visual.

Strong attention to detail, a willingness to learn and dedication to consistency are pillars of the profession and my own personal goals.

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A translation cannot be exceptional, unless it maintains good readability and conveys both the original text’s meaning and voice. It’s in the details that a text and its emotions fully come to life – and these are exactly what I strive for.

In order to achieve a result that is as visually stunning as the original, I also allow my passion for design and layout to influence my work.

Consistency is key. You won’t get jerky translations from me – not contentwise, nor visually.


The right tool for the right job – the skills I have developed help me do your translations faster and provide potential for improvement.
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What I
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Fields of Expertise

Here are some areas that I have extensive experience in.


My studies of East Asian Art History have left me with a broad understanding of the creative. I’ve also developed a strong eye for contemporary art in general thanks to my interest in Berlin’s vibrant art scene.

Moving Pictures

Film festivals and the latest art house movies and documentaries keep me up on what’s new in cinema and animation.


I’m no stranger to multilingual content for websites and software (HTML, JS, SEO and XML). Marketing materials and presentations are also a strong suit of mine.

Video Games

Now a cornerstone of the media industry – I’m familiar with most genres, platforms (PC, PS3, XBOX) and their terminologies.

What can I
help you


Cultural differences and subtleties should be the least of your worries. With my experience as translator and my knowledge of Japan and its people your content will be in good hands.

I offer rates based on lines and hours or fixed prices. If you contact me, I’m sure we’ll find a price that’s comfortable for both of us.


In order to achieve good readability, I only translate into my first language: German. From web content to print, translations are available in any format or scale.


My service ranges from spotting to translating and exporting into different target formats. Settings like characters per line and reading speed are also considered.

DTP / Layout

Books, brochures, advertisements and anything else you need. No matter how elaborate your project is, I can help you make it look good.


If your clients or delegations need help in Germany, I will gladly look after them in all situations. I’m also available as a Japanese-speaking shopping guide in Berlin.

Past and


Here are some examples of the projects I have worked on so far.
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in touch!

Have questions or exciting projects for collaboration? Shoot me an email or give me a call so we can get the ball rolling today.